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What is Rewards Club?

Rewards Club is a loyalty programme that allows Psychics Connect clients to earn points and enjoy fabulous benefits such as free readings and exclusive offers.

How does Rewards Club work?

Rewards Club membership is FREE and it's easy to join. When you book a reading the initial minutes are accrued to reach the target of 200 minutes. For example, 10 twenty-minute readings or 20 ten-minute readings equal 200 minutes.

When reached, you will receive a FREE reading. The duration of your free reading will be calculated based on your average reading duration over the period.


If you have 10 twenty-minute readings, without extra minutes: 10 x 20 = 200 total minutes divided by 10 readings = 20 Free Minutes

If you have 10 twenty-minute readings and every reading extends to 38 minutes: 10 x 38 = 380 total minutes divided by 10 readings = 38 Free Minutes

How do I claim my FREE reading?

Your account will automatically be credited with free minutes. You can use your free minutes in one sitting or enjoy several shorter readings whenever you want.

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Understand the message behind your dreams

Understand the message behind your dreams from a psychic's perspective and achieve clarity on the symbolic impulses that come to your awareness.

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Dream Interpretation


Each night as we sink blissfully into a deep sleep, our unconscious self takes us on an incredible journey into the land of dreams. Whether or not you are aware of it, you dream and in those dreams everything you need to know about every aspect of your life is revealed to you.

Sigmund Freud believed that dreams were a direct connection to the unconscious mind. He believed that the conscious mind acts as a guard on the unconscious. During sleep this guard is absent allowing the subconscious mind to run free and convey hidden desires.

To Carl Jung, dreams are a way of communicating and acquainting ourselves with the unconscious. Dream images reveal something about us, our relationship with others, and situations in our waking life. Dreams act as guides along the path to enlightenment and self-discovery. The work of both Freud and Jung established dreams as valuable source of wisdom and healing.

The usefulness of dreaming is only limited by our imagination and our desire to know and understand ourselves. Interpreting our dreams can herald events of vital significance in our lives. It can help us solve our problems, meet our guides, reveal long-hidden aspects of ourselves, travel in other dimensions, understand the universe around us, and reveal our next steps on our spiritual quest.

What are your dreams trying to say to you? Understand the message behind your dreams with our dream interpretation email reading.

In a dream reading, even the smallest of details can make all the difference.

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Providing your advisor every minute detail from your dream will give a stronger dream reading interpretation, as these tiny details will all pull together. What are the things that stand out in the dream? For example, if you saw a table, what shape is it? What colour? Is there anything on top of the table?

Even if you think they are not important, you have to include them in your description of the dream. Our readers would much rather have too much information put in than too little. Book now and receive an insightful dream interpretation within 5 days.

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Describe your dream

To assist your reader, please provide a detailed description of your dream. Include every tiny detail that you can remember, the more detailed the description, the more fruitful the interpretation will be.

I dreamt that I was inside a big room with a group of people; some are complete strangers and the others are people I have met at different stages of my life. I can’t imagine these people being in the same place at the same time but in my dream, everything felt so normal. I saw an old neighbor I haven’t seen in years; my aunt who passed away years ago; a couple of childhood friends; four of my closest friends in high school and two of my current friends. They all looked the same as the last time I saw them. The room is in complete silence. Everybody seems to be occupied with their own thoughts and nobody’s interacting with each other or acknowledging the presence of everyone else including me. I kept looking at the wooden door in the opposite side of the room. I was walking towards the door but halfway through the room, the dream ended. I felt so confused when I woke up.

"The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind."


Sir Sigmund Freud

Psychic Divination

Psychics Connect readers are highly gifted and talented with their own philosophies and individual approach to phone readings. Each Psychic Reader has a unique way of receiving and interpreting the information that surrounds your life - past, present and future..


Clairvoyance literally means "clear seeing" and Clairvoyant phone readings will allow you to see beyond your situation. Sometimes, a clairvoyant is known to have the sight, the second sight, or third eye.
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Mediumship is nothing new. It is based on the belief that the spirits of the dead survive in another world and connection with them can be attained through the bridge that gifted Psychic Mediums/Channelors create between the physical world and 'the other side'.
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Psychic Tools

Psychic Tools have been used for many years. As for Psychics Connect readers, they use different tools like Tarot Cards, Angel Cards, Runes, Crystal Ball, etc. to get in touch with the spiritual plane, enhance their abilities and provide a Psychic Reading that will greatly assist you in your current situations.
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Love Psychics

We have a lot of questions when it comes to love. A Psychic's point-of-view can greatly help with relationship issues as they use their powerful and intuitive abilities in assisting you. We also have Love Tarot Reading Psychics who combine their Psychic abilities and Tarot Cards to predict your future in love as well as interpret the signs that you see with your partner.
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We constantly aim to provide the best phone Psychic Readings, but that's not all. Our Psychics are carefully selected to ensure that they possess the true qualities of a true Psychics Connect Reader - undeniable Psychic abilities, significant Psychic background and most of all, genuine concern for our clients.
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Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides use simple, direct messages to remind us of our inner ability and how to find the answer in our heart and mind. Psychics Connect Readers communicate to their Spirit Guides for inspiration and insights.
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Tarot Reading

Phone Tarot Readings have greatly helped our clients in having spiritual insights on what's to come and how to handle the future situations in their lives. The pictures on the Tarot Cards are rich in meaning and the patterns that they form in a Psychic Reading really assist our Psychics in gaining further insights into your life situations.
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Dream Interpretation

With our Dream Interpretation E-mail Reading, you will be able to understand the message behind your dreams. Including every tiny detail that you can remember about your dream can greatly help our dream interpreters in providing a complete and fruitful explanation.
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